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If the Magnetic Wrap and the Original had a baby....this would be it:)) This Patent Pending design is the best of both designs. Soft and very lightweight on your arm. Not as wide as the Original but wider than the Cuff.  Two sewn in magnets hold 2 shears while an additional magnet holds bobby pins or the 4 Well Mixing Palette. Unique clip configuration holds clips, comb, makeup brushes and nail tools. A Pin Opener Knob is included on every wristband as well as a free Armorizer! 

NEW and IMPROVED!  Added magnet now holds 2 shears with a stronger genuine leather shear strap.  Soft and very lightweight on your arm. A narrow design that looks like an accessory but functional! sewn in magnet holds one shear while 2 magnets hold bobby pins, metal nail tools, tweezers and the 4 Well Mixing Palette. This is the perfect size for Makeup Artists, Nail Techs and Estheticians or if you are a Hairstylist that prefers a smaller lightweight wristband. FYI, the Cuff will stretch a little as it warms to your body. Knockoffs beware this has a Copyright design;)

The Magnetic Cuff transformed into an Upstyling Wristband with 4-5 sewn in magnets and a place for your comb and clips.  Add some color and a little bling to make it your own. Duckbill metal clips will magnetically adhere to the magnets!  The Upstyling Band will stretch a little as it warms to your body. 

High quality genuine leather with sewn in magnets to hold 2 shears. Magnet for bobby pins as needed. Will accommodate slots for your specific tools. The MINI GAUNTLET will hold the same amount of tools and does everything the regular Gauntlet will do but does not go up as high on your arm. The MINI GAUNTLET does not need a wrist strap but will come with one unless you specify in the notes that you do not want it.  The wrist strap helps keep the GAUNTLET from slipping. PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS BELOW WHEN ORDERING.  I NEED 2 MEASUREMENTS TO SIZE PROPERLY.  PLEASE LEAVE AN EMAIL OR PHONE IN CASE I NEED TO CONTACT YOU ABOUT YOUR DESIGN.
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The New Golf Band!  No pockets? Tees and divot tools everywhere in your house? Tired of digging in your pocket filled with mulitple tees, markers and divot tools? Try this!!  Slide tees and divot tool under elastic strap.  Backing is made with moisture wicking fabric and holds up in rain and sweat. Extremely lightweight on your arm. As a 14x Club Champ, I cannot golf without this!! 
Comes with 2 tees/divot tool/crystal ball marker as shown.
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Beautiful iridescent purples in textured leathers with crystals and a shimmery pearl circle medallion. 
$37.95 and free shipping

Hold your daily tools in this creative Functional Accessory! Several slots for holding writing utensils, paint brushes, sewing tools and boarding pass, pony tail holder, lip gloss and even reader glasses. Accessory band shown was created for a contractor! Great gift for a student, artist, seamstress, beauty school instructor, visual display artist or working traveler.  SALON OWNERS: Add these to your salon gift store and make extra income selling to customers.  Design your Cuff with a beautiful combination of leathers and rivets. Just give me a color scheme and together we can select leather colors from the selection below and more in my studio! 
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