Stainless steel 4 Well Mixing Palette designed by Salon Armor® to add to any wristband.

~Comes in a convenient silicone storage pouch

~Used for makeup, nail art, lash extensions, skin creams, or as an artist painting palette. I am an artist and use my wristbands to hold my detailing brushes which is much more convenient than behind my ears:))

Mixing Palette Collage of Mixing Palette photos


The Magnetic Clip was created to attach the 4 Well Mixing Palette to the Original Wristband and to hold bobby pins to the Original Wristband in a secure way. The Original now has a magnet under the Salon Armor label for bobby pins.  Use this Clip to hold additional bobby pins or use it to attach to your watch or clothing to hold bobby pins.

The dark base of the Clip is magnetic but I found heat from blowdrying diminished the magnetic pull. I added two very strong magnetic discs to make sure you never lose the magnetic strength. 

Magnetic Clip Other side of Magnetic Clip