Build Your Own Band
Classic $42.95

Front Classic Powerhouse Back Classic Powerhouse


Choose a Size:

Size XS for wrists 6 1/8” or less
Size S/M fits wrists 6.25”- 6.75”
Size L fits wrists 7”- 7.75”
Size XL fits wrists 8” and above


Choose an Armorizer:

Armorizer Options Column A

A2: Crystal Shear
A3: Gunmetal Shear
A4: Hair


Armorizer Options Column B

B1: Skull
B2: Spikes
B3: Squares
B4: Mustache


Armorizer Options Column C

C1: Round Gem
C2: Iridescent Crystal
C3: Double Crystal
C4: Pink Crystal Buckle


Armorizer Options Column D

D1: Red Lips
D2: Gold Buckle
D3: Black Cross
D4: Bobby Pin Magnet


Choose 1-2 Rivets and no more than 2 Connectors:

Rivet Options Picture 1
Rivet Options Picture 2
Pin Knobs

Private Label:

Additional Comments:


Sample Embroidery on band
Embroidery Sample Fonts

$10ea/3 or more $6ea. Type in box below: Thread color any color than black (metallic silver shown) . Type in words exactly as you want them. Embroidery takes about 5 days to get back.

Type of Font:

Thread Color:

What do you want it to say?