The Original

◈ 3-4 magnets to hold shears, one magnet under label to hold bobby pins
◈ Slots to hold combs and clips
◈ FREE decorative interchangeable Armorizer

Genuine leather and suede back


The Powerhouse

◈ 2-3 magnets to hold shears in slots
◈ Unique patent pending clip configuration holds clips and comb
◈ FREE decorative interchangeable Armorizer



Magnetic Cuff

Soft and Lightweight.  Wears like an accessory and is functional when wearing behind a watch.
◈ 2 magnets to hold 2 pairs of shears
◈ Decorative logo Slider that moves freely along the clip strap




◈ 3 magnets to hold shears
◈ Patent pending strap design to hold comb and clips
◈ Bobby pin magnet with pin opener knob

Genuine leather

Measure circumference behind your wrist bone:

Measure arm circumference 3" from the wrist bone:


Peplum Tool Belt
Half $31.95
Full $62.95

◈ Multiple slots to hold comb, hair brushes, clips, and multiple pairs of shears
◈ Pouch for cell phone and pocket or bobby pins or elastics
◈ Belt included 45" long or can be worn with your own belt!


Shear Tag

◈ Tag attaches to belt loop or station
◈ Metal bridges to hold 2 pairs of shears

**Will fit most but not all shears with tension screws**